flowers and traffic

Valentine's Day have became a commercial fanfare, especially so here in the Philippines. Stores are dressed in pink and red tinsels. Restaurants and bars offer so much discounts for couples who intend to celebrate the "love day" with some food and wine. Chocolates, stuffed toys and flowers are the top commodities for this week. Little nothings that spells love all over. But no matter how lovers want to express their romanticism, practicality still kicks in.

I live near the flower market known as Dangwa. It was popular ever since I remembered for its good quality flowers traded from Baguio at its very cheap prices. Over time, it has became more and more popular to many people including those who can really afford those designer flower arrangements. And since Valentine's day is nearing, (that is two days away as I write this), people start swarming to Dangwa. There are actually two times of the year when this is phenomena happens: V-day and All Soul's Day.

During these times there are just two things that I have observed whenever these come. One, the prices which used to be affordable suddenly escalate by the minute. One must have the dexterity (and the patience) to ask around to compare prices. It pays to do this for you to get the best value for your money. Be equipped with the skill to haggle. Second, traffic is a build up. Apart from the influx of consumers, cars line the sides of the main road for parking. This congests the usually cramped street all the more. I am more concerned about the second one over the first considering that I am a daily commuter. The usual 5 minute ride takes 30 minutes which actually seems forever. Hopefully, in the spirit of love we can work towards community sensitivity as well.

Nonetheless, I am amazed on how we Filipinos exert the extra effort of showing one's affections. Cheers to those who are brave enough to let the world know he is capable of sharing love.

Advance Happy Vday everyone! Spread love.

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