tinsels at silver

If saying "I do" requires a leap of faith, my parents have just insanely lept all over again.

We had just celebrated the 25th wedding anniversary of my parents, Julio and Marilou. Oh! What an overwhelming sight I tell you--to see both mom and dad renewing their marriage vows! At my young age, (as I believe) I am definite marriage isn't something I am ready for. It's not a priority knowing the gruesome responsibility that I would handle in case I already part with those two BIG words. The search of the "one" is already tedious as it is and I do still have somethings I have to fulfill. However,inthis world of permissiveness, I am lucky to have parents who stood by their promise before God and man to remain faithful for richer and for poorer, in sickness and health. I hope they remain fervent to this vow till death do they part.

Ma and Pa, thanks for remaining faithful to each other despite of the complexities of our family life. You two have kept the family intact through our constant efforts and by imploring God's grace. Thank you for being a good parents and I bring back a double portion of blessings for the two of you. May the Lord continue to bless you two with a happy life.

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