vday rantings

Arrggghhh! This Valentine fever is stinging me, and I despise it!

Call me a sourpuss, but the flowers and the chocolates are nauseating. I am a romantic person and I strongly believe that affection needs to be expressed. I believe that little nothings can really mean something on a special occasion. I am just like any other hopeless romantic who does feel giddy about giving gifts, most especially receiving them. However, I just find it very impractical to spend so much money on things that would later wither. Besides, during this season most prices of the sweety-itsy-bitsy things rise exponentially.

Please do not get me wrong. I also love receiving somethings from my special someone—I am sentimental too. I also believe that little nothings can really mean a whole lot on special occasions. I am just scornful that Valentine’s Day is becoming more like a fad than a day of celebrating love—and love at the truest sense of it. I feel that our society have evolved into being materialistic, where we have grown to equate love with mere provision. (We have seen this in family set-ups. But I will discuss that in a different article). Love need not be grandiose because it is already big and powerful in itself, if we will only appreciate it.

Love can be declared in a million ways and shouldn’t be hyped in one day alone. Today I realized one thing—Valentine’s day may be special but not more special than any other day. Each day of our lives is an opportunity to share and show love to those we care about. Let us learn not to limit love on flowers and chocolates or on a day alone. Let us recognize that constant expressions of love--a touch, a hug, a kiss, a smile, time and laughter shared, words of encouragement and affirmation, and several acts of service-- on ordinary situations.

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