on blogging

I always wanted to maintain a blog site where I can express and perhaps, share my thoughts and opinions about life or practically the things that I encounter from day to day. For one reason or another, I do fail to do this. Maybe it is because I do not have the luxury of time that I fail to work on my sites. Or maybe... I am just making excuses.

I do love to write. I have to admit that this is a gift I have neglected for so long. I can work up with words and the idea of clicking in letters into the screen excite me. It is only recently that I was able to acknowledge my talent. I thought, that if I am good at this, why not make it better or at the very least use it to inspire and share information and, hopefully wisdom. (Oh! Don't let me tell you the opportunities I passed...all water under the bridge)

I vow to do this more often now.

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