a cloud is passing through

I am not my usual self lately.
I don't like being sad.
I hate the feeling of being nasty.
It doesn't feel nice pushing people away. Especially when you need to do it.
I'd rather sing and dance and laugh and talk about the beauty of life than sulk.
But sometimes, one is not left with a choice.
Emotions come...and they too shall go.
Hopefully, soon...


berna said...

hugs to you my friend.. remember what I told you yesterday para mapa-smile ka na lang. don't lose hope. =)

jishinka said...

Hahaha! it helped a lot, dear. Thanks. =) You're the best, berna... ;)Am better now. Hugs back.

berna said...

good!! =) am still reading your book. siguro sa bus papuntang nueva ecija ko na lang sha basahin. =) hope your doing ok with your classes. i still have to write an entry about how i'm now enjoying my business law class.

nwy, check out my site. may tagboard sa gilid. ahihi! i need more help sa pag-edit ng layout and the whole look of the blog. may alam ka ba sa html? hehehe

jishinka said...

wow...nagrerenovate sya ng site. Thanks nice. I am actually planning to reformat the lay-out of mine. Para me new look naman. Sabi nung friend you just have to search the net for html formats then, cut and paste lang. un...

Haven't tried though. Papaturo ako next time, pero explore mo na din. =)

Enjoy reading Bo's little nuggets of wisdom. I'm willing to journey with you on that. Tulong tayo... =) Tapos yayaman na tayo. Sabi ni Manuel Colayco: "There is no such thing as get-rich fast. Go slow--Slow but sure."

See yah around, friend. =)