Today's high: Playing with kids.

This afternoon I played with four of my "pamangkins"--three nieces and a nephew. It is a surprise since these kids never really saw me in that light. I was always the nice-and-would-just-ask-you-how's-school-but-doesn't -play with-us tita. Yes, I was a playmate to them this afternoon. We played sorts of games. I created a game using the nursery rhyme "Little Sunny Water" and they love it. Well, I loved it too. I love hearing them sing the song on their own. I loved it when they were trying to cheat by peeking but still cannot lie that they were cheating. Such innocence! They have to beg on us playing it over and over, which is alright with me. Talk about persistence.

What I loved most is playing "Touch Ball" with them. They are so having the fun of their lives while they try no to be hit by the ball and with all their might throw the ball to their "opponent" with all hopes of getting a point. Beat this: I am even carrying my 3 year-old nephew while running to and fro, whist I allow him to throw the ball to our "opponents". It was tiring. It made me sweat A LOT! My "old" body is telling me to rest but my playmates are just overflowing with energy! I just loved it. I love hearing the kids call my name. I love them laugh. I love them shrill in excitement. I just loved the whole time I spent with them. It was fun. Hmn... I am loving kids!

That's good.


berna said...

cute!! i love kids too and the innocent way they talk to you. =) uuuy, loving kids.. is this part of the preparation.. hehe.. =) miss you girl. thanks for the other night! hehe.. prang iba ung sound nun a. nwy, im better now. thanks to you. mwah, mwah!

jishinka said...

Hahaha! onga burns, di mashadong magandang pakinggan. Pero okei lang.. ;) no prob, girl. Anytime you'd need me dito lang ako.

As for the prep, kape na to!