project hugs

Towards the end of next month, I will be marking the first quarter of my life in this world.

Yikes! Guess, am really becoming an adult and there is no turning back. Hehe! I like it though. The responsibilities may be quite overwhelming but I know I'll be fine. Am excited and at the same time quite scared.

I love birthdays! For me that is the best day ever--something made simply for you and you alone. And to celebrate this wonderful day, I thought of celebrating it with little angels. I am planning to go to a home of abandoned kids (babies), play with them and shower them with all the hugs and kisses I can give them. I already invited a few of my close friends and they signed in. I have yet to confirm with the home which date I can do this since I prefer it to fall on the weekend before my birthday.

Pray for me, guys that I get a slot.

I am excited. ;)

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